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Exciting Development at Fletton Quays as Monument Location is Announced

One of Peterborough’s iconic murals has finally found its new home on the Fletton Quays development.

The mural, which has been in storage over the winter, was built in the mid-1950s by sculptor, Arthur Ayres, and celebrates the evolution of science and engineering. It took three years to carve and showcases inspiring figures, such as Sir Isaac Newton, Archimedes, and Thomas Bradwardine. In addition, the mural has several mythological figures including Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom and the arts.

It has been decided that the monument will be placed on the new multi-story car park in Fletton Quays to ensure it is easily visible to all those entering the site. Its visibility is really important to the city as the monument highlights a key sector in Peterborough’s economy. Science and engineering have remained fundamental to the city’s economy and employment for many years, with many companies choosing to base themselves in the city, including Royal Haskoning DHV, Halcrow and Stirling Maynard.