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Ofsted changes

Ofsted has decided to alter the length of time between some schools’ inspections in order to save over £2 million.

When Ofsted inspects a school, it rates the school using one of four titles according to which best reflects its practice. The four grades are Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement and Inadequate (which is subdivided in to Serious Weaknesses and Special Measures).

Currently Outstanding schools are not inspected unless there is just cause, Good schools have short inspections every three years, Requires Improvement schools receive a full inspection within 1 to 2 years and Inadequate schools are inspected within 15 months of publication of their last full inspection report.

However, Ofsted believe it can save £2.3 million by carrying out less regular checks. The decision has been made for Good schools to have an extra year between inspections, resulting in a four-year inspection cycle. In addition, schools with ‘Serious Weaknesses’ (a subsection of the Inadequate grading) will now have up to two and half years between inspections if Ofsted believe these schools have leaders who demonstrate that they have the capacity to improve the school.

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