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Leaders working in Peterborough are key members of the community, fully involved in the improvement and growth of the city’s schools. The local authority is committed to improving education in Peterborough and our school improvement function is rated the highest effective grade by Ofsted.

Our goal is for every child in Peterborough to attend a school which is rated good or outstanding, regardless of where they live in the city. We are keen to work closely with excellent headteachers who have the ambition and drive to help us reach this target.

We have invested more than £200 million rebuilding or refurbishing every city secondary school over the past few years to develop facilities and encourage improvement. On top of this, more than £100 million of new primary school places in response to the city’s fast growth.

Leaders in Peterborough schools are crucial to this process, sharing their opinions and skills in cluster group meetings between leaders in the area, to help inspire and continued improvement in all schools. In this way you can leave your mark in a school in Peterborough, as well as on education in the city as a whole.

In this section you can find out more about the local authority, the Academy Trusts, headteachers, opportunities and vacancies that make up Peterborough’s educational leadership team.