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Local Authority

Education is one of the main priorities for Peterborough City Council, has been to improve education in the area. The council has three pledges – education, prosperity and quality of life – which is driving the growth of the city and improving the quality of life for local people and businesses.

Did you know that we were the most improved authority in the country in 2013/14 for the performance of our schools?

More than 80 per cent of schools in Peterborough are rated Good or Outstanding by Ofsted, which also supports key improvements in GCSE results, attendance rates and improving student participation in education, employment and further education.

Our school improvement function, which is rated the highest grade of effective by Ofsted, continues to work with those schools not yet judged good or outstanding so that all schools are supported to improve.

For some time we’ve been investing a huge amount of money in our schools – more than £300 million across all primary and secondary schools. This is so that we have enough places for every child that needs one and to ensure that our schools offer modern buildings with great facilities. Ultimately, however, it’s about offering every child in the city the best possible education so that they can reach their full potential, ideally in their local school.

Key to achieving this is ensuring that we have the best teachers working in our schools in the subject areas that we need. Last September a teacher training college opened in the city, allowing us to train our own teachers in Peterborough. This is a win/win for us, as these newly qualified teachers are far more likely to stay in our city and work in our schools and will also be contributing to our economy, building a life for themselves locally and helping the city to grow.

Our goal is for all children to be supported to achieve their absolute best, at great quality schools, regardless of where they live in the city. As you can see, we are well on the way to achieving this.

Members of the local authority attribute this not only to improved funding but also credit the improvement to the strong relationships the council members have built with schools, head teachers and staff, and regular meetings and conversations with those working at the schools themselves.