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Culture & Heritage

Peterborough boasts a number of internationally important archaeological and historic sites. One of the city’s largest tourist attractions is the Norman Cathedral located just off Cathedral Square. It is the burial place of Katherine of Aragon and the executed Mary Queen of Scots was briefly interred here too before her remains were moved to Westminster Abbey by her son James I.

Making international headlines is the Must Farm project, the first landscape scale archaeological investigation of deep Fenland. Archaeologists have found unprecedented levels of preservation of Bronze Age objects and the project is transforming historical understanding of prehistoric life.

More Bronze Age life is being investigated at Flag Fen Archaeological Park, a 28-acre park to the east of Peterborough; Clare Cottage in Helpston is the former home of poet John Clare; and Longthorpe Tower is the surviving part of a 14th century fortified manor house. It contains the finest set of medieval wall paintings in a domestic setting anywhere in Western Europe.

Peterborough Museum is housed in a beautiful historic building in the city centre, with over 200,000 objects and a wide ranging exhibition programme the museum offers everything from a Jurassic marine reptile to prisoner of war craftwork and the manuscripts of John Clare. There’s even the opportunity to seek out the local paranormal activity on a ghost walk or tour the vaults beneath the museum building.

Burghley House, around a 15 minute drive from Peterborough, is a beautiful Elizabethan property. House and gardens are open to the public and it is home, each September, to the world renowned Burghley Horse Trials.