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John Clare Primary School

At John Clare Primary we aim to provide every child with experiences and learning opportunities that excite, challenge and help to prepare them for their future.

As a small school we pride ourselves on knowing our children well and that we can focus on the individual needs of every child and help them to develop their interests and skills.

OFSTED 2012 said of the school ‘pupils thoroughly enjoy school …The curriculum is imaginatively planned, with a wide range of exciting experiences that make learning purposeful and relevant’.

We learn something new every day’ – Bradley

‘As a parent I believe there is no better feeling that your child is being looked after to such a level…it’s good to feel that school and parents are working together. He loves coming to school and that is a testament to the great teaching and care he gets at John Clare.’

The school is named after the local village poet, John Clare, who lived from 1793-1864. The school celebrates the birth of John Clare every year when we take part in the Midsummer Cushions festival and the John Clare Society Festival.

Due to the popularity of the school the school has grown since it was opened in 1965 and now comprises of 4 classrooms. In September 2010 our Reception class, the Helpston Pre-School and Out of School Club moved into a brand new eco-friendly building. We also have a swimming pool and changing facilities. The school field is dual-use and is used by the village after school hours and during weekends and holidays.