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Wittering Primary School

We are a unique primary school within the local area and a founding school of the Soke Education Trust. The school is sited in the village of Wittering and serves both the local community and the RAF base. This means we have a mixture of families from the Armed forces as well as the civillian population around Wittering.

Currently our number on role is 330 . Our school is extremely well resourced with our own meeting room, music room and sensory room. We also operate a Families centre to widen our support especially to families with children aged 0-5 years.

We have a supportive and realistic governing body who are keen to support the school. Our links with the RAF base are excellent and we often work together on projects involving some or all of the children at the school. Staff work brilliantly as a team and enjoy a good work/life balance. Staff have their own well being committee who organise events throughout the school year. Our children behave in an excellent manner and enjoy the variety of lessons and opportunities we offer whether it is a club, position on school council, part of one of our two brass orchestras or many of the other opportunities they have.

Class sizes are usually below national average and we have a good track record in employing NQTs and bringing out their potential. No two days are ever the same at Wittering Primary School and we face each day with a smile and enthusiasm.